In just over a week Chicago’s Slow Mass will be sharing the stage with both Metz and Bully. While Slow Mass doesn’t sound exactly like either of those acts, it does a good job of finding the middle ground between the two. Formed in 2014 by Dave Collis (formerly of My Dad) and Josh Sparks (of the Into It. Over It. live band), the pair quickly carved out its place in the crowded post-hardcore landscape. Rounded out by Mercedes Webb and Sparks’ bandmate Josh Parks on guitar, Slow Mass took to recording its debut EP, which will be released later this year. Ahead of that, The A.V. Club is premiering a live version of “Portals To Hell” below. In contrast to the moodier “Nice But Not Kind,” here Slow Mass shows its poppier side. Built on Sparks’ stutter-step grooves and the harmonizing of Collis and Webb in each chorus, ”Portals To Hell” makes the descent into darkness more inviting than it has any right to be.