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Sleight's J.D. Dillard is developing a new Star Wars movie

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Various assumptions that the Star Wars universe might be scaling back a bit in the wake of the (relatively) poorer critical and box office performance of J.J. Abrams’ Rise Of Skywalker appear to be less obviously correct by the minute, as Variety reports that yet another mysterious space shoot-ems film project is apparently in the works.

This one is coming courtesy of director J.D. Dillard, best known for his 2016 magician-noir-drug-dealer-but-also-he-has-magnet-powers-kind-of thriller Sleight. Dillard will reportedly be working on the project with screenwriter Matt Owens, whose previous credits include Luke Cage and Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

News of the film’s development comes as Star Wars continues to be at a crossroads, development-wise: Disney is reportedly courting Taika Waititi to develop a film in the fabled sci-fi universe, the Obi-Wan show is facing delays at Disney+, and Rian Johnson seems far more interested in pursuing the life and times of Benoit Blanc than in subjecting himself to the Rancor pit of online, uh, rancor all over again by pursuing his long-promised second franchise film. There’s also an element of slowly blossoming diversity to take into account here, for a series that has historically struggled with it: Neither Dillard, nor Owens, are white, and if Dillard goes through with making the film, he’ll be the first Black person to ever film a movie installment in the Star Wars universe.

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