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Sleigh Bells calls out Demi Lovato for sampling its songs without permission

Sleigh Bells

Even if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it never hurts to cite your sources or acknowledge your inspiration. At least, that’s the position that Sleigh Bells has taken on Demi Lovato’s latest song. The Brooklyn duo called out the Confident singer on Twitter for borrowing from “Riot Rhythms” and “Infinity Guitars,” two songs off its debut album Treats. The band was “flattered” by the sampling, but pointed out that permission was not requested.


Jezebel shared a video that lines up “Infinity Guitars” with “Stars,” and we have to admit that the drum sequences do sound pretty similar. At this time, neither Lovato nor her team has responded to the allegation, although the pop star’s supporters are already circling the virtual wagons. But hey, this could happen to anyone.

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