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Sleepy Hollow is getting its own comic book

BOOM! Studios

Sleepy Hollow is returning to television on September 22, but now Fox isn’t the only place to find the story—or its main characters, Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane (known fondly in the fandom as “Ichabbie”). According to The Hollywood Reporter, BOOM! Studios has released two of five planned “prologues” to the series online, on the show’s Facebook page and on BOOM!’s Tumblr. The short stories are all lead-ups to a full Sleepy Hollow comics series, which debuts October 15.

Of the two released so far, the one pictured above focuses on Ichabod Crane, played in the television show by Tom Mison. The other focuses on Jenny Mills—Abbie’s sister, played by Lyndie Greenwood:


Both shorts were written by Mike Johnson and illustrated by Matías Bergara. The full-length comic will be written by Marguerite Bennett, who has done some work on the Batgirl series, and will feature art by Jorge Coelho, who has worked on Venom. Noelle Stevenson, the creator of the Nimona comics, will also contribute a few shorts to the series.

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