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Sleepy Hollow creator to re-imagine St. Patrick as badass warrior-priest

Its work re-imagining American folk literature as supernatural buddy-cop series complete, Fox is setting its sights on a different sort of fairy tale: Catholicism. Deadline reports that Sleepy Hollow creator Len Wiseman is teaming with Fox to develop a miniseries re-imagining the life of Ireland’s patron saint as a “historical epic in the vein of Braveheart.” In an attempt to reclaim the fifth-century holy man from the drunk 20-somethings in green T-shirts that have tainted his legacy, Wiseman will re-imagine Patrick as a badass warrior-priest, presumably decapitating a bunch of snakes with a magical sword at some point. The Irish people, still recovering from the blow to their national pride that was The Boondock Saints II, have yet to comment.


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