After so many episodes focusing on the dark lives of America’s Founding Fathers, Sleepy Hollow has cast Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Michelle Trachtenberg as Abigail Adams, known among historians as America’s Founding Annoying Little Sister. Trachtenberg—a go-to actress for characters others wish would just go away on shows like Buffy and Gossip Girl—joins the Fox series as Abigail, wife of John Adams and mother to John Quincy Adams, relationships she then used to guilt an entire nation for not wanting to spend any time with her. Abigail is also remembered for writing many a poignant letter to John Adams as he lodged many days in Philadelphia, eloquently accusing him of making up this whole “Continental Congress” thing just because he couldn’t stand to be around her.

As is par for the course on Sleepy Hollow, Abigail Adams will also be revealed to have a “secret life” involving Katrina Crane—which means it also presumably involves witchcraft or something, because that’s how that show works. It’s also presumed that America will totally act like Abigail Adams can’t even handle this, even though she’s First Lady, not First Kid. Whatever, Abigail. Go to your room in the White House and let the grown-ups talk.