For some of us, Donald Trump embodies the American dream. He’s a self-made heir who turned a lot of money into even more money. Trump stands tall as a titan of (Trump) industry who isn’t afraid to stare down multiple bankruptcies or the waning cultural acceptance of bad combovers. He represents proof that political outsiders can come into the political system without kowtowing before donors, SuperPacs, or the shackles of common decency.

For the rest of us, Trump is a manifestation of the American nightmare. He’s a tone-deaf, arrogant jagoff who is leveraging a presidential campaign for personal promotion. He looks like the Blue Fairy brought a D.C. Follies puppet to life after she was done with Pinocchio. He gives voice to bilious, nationalist jingoism, promising to deliver strength through unilateral foreign policy.

Up from the depths of that dichotomy, comes the Deep Donald Tumblr, which manipulates photographs of The Donald to effect a waking dream that could break bad at any moment. His sagging jowls host swirling scales and undulating tumors, his hair becoming a roiling aquatic tangle. Deep pits (or are they dead, onyx eyes?) crater every plane on his body. It disgusts you, but you cannot look away… TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2016 AND NEVER SLEEP AGAIN.


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