So despite that whole "accidentally releasing an album called God Hates Us All on 9/11" faux pas and recently releasing an album called Christ Illusion, metal band Slayer claims to have many fans in the armed forces and will play at an American Air Force base in Germany next week. From the press release:

[Slayer] will take a few hours off from their current European "Unholy Alliance Tour" schedule to pay a visit to the 52nd Services Squadron located on the Spangdahlem U.S. Air Force Base in Germany on Wednesday, November 8. With a sizeable chunk of Slayer's core audience being enlisted men and women, this will be the band's first-ever visit to a military base.

The band, whose latest release, Christ Illusion, deals with the brutality of war and religions fanaticism, scrutinizing America's role in Iraq and Afghanistan, will spend a couple of hours meeting and chatting with the soldiers, signing autographs, and possibly viewing a fighter aircraft or two.


Could it just be a ploy by the government to find out who among our fighters is truly heavy?