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Slayer fan parodies Matthew McConaughey, gets Slayer tickets

A metal fan who made a clever video to raise money for Slayer tickets has been given a pair of VIP passes by the band. The metalhead in question is L.A. resident Jake Klarkowski, who put together a polished parody of Matthew McConaughey’s weird, dreamy Lincoln commercials in order to sell his 1997 Ford Escort LX, all so that he could afford tickets to the band’s November 14 show. That “polish” isn’t all that surprising, given that Klarkowski is a film school graduate who works as a production coordinator for an advertising video studio, which hosted the short film on its YouTube channel.

Is this savvy cross promotion? An intricate marketing conspiracy? Or just a guy getting his friends and co-workers to help him make a video so he can go rock out? It’s not clear. But, while the McConaughey commercials are low-hanging fruit these days, Klarkowski’s video is kind of funny, listing “three newish tires, new floor mats, and vintage forest green paint” as the car‘s major selling points. And you can’t argue with the results, with Slayer’s Tom Araya responding with his own video, saying, “Your car’s a piece of shit. Tell you what, we’ll give you the tickets.” Which is actually pretty sweet, in a metal kind of way.

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