Skyfall already has the distinction of being the highest-grossing James Bond film, the UK's biggest film of the year, and the Bond film to spawn the most "Is James Bond bisexual?" think-pieces ever, and now it has another superlative to add to its legacy. The Sam Mendes-directed movie has just become the biggest film of all time in the UK, taking in ¬£94,277,612 ($151,795,059) in just its 40 days of release to claim the No. 1 spot. That's an even bigger deal, considering it took 11 months for Avatar to get to the top with ¬£94,030,000‚ÄĒeven with the added premium of 3-D ticket prices‚ÄĒmeaning a massive bubble will soon be rising from the depths of the ocean, then bursting open to release James Cameron's frustrated screams. He'll just have to settle for being No. 2 now, as Skyfall leapfrogs over Avatar and the UK's third-place finisher, Dr. Chuzzwitt Goes To Naughty Knickers Holiday Camp.