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Sky Ferreira joins Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood for indie crime thriller The Trust

Acclaimed pop artist Sky Ferreira will apply the forlorn stare she usually reserves for the shower to an indie crime thriller starring Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood, according to The Wrap. The Trust stars Cage and Wood as corrupt cops who work in the evidence room at the Las Vegas Police Department. One of them discovers a vault holding drug money in the back of a convenience store, and the two team up for a heist that definitely will go exactly as planned. (Wood doesn’t realize just how terrible Cage is at executing heists, apparently.)

There’s no word yet on what role Ferreira will play, but considering that she and Wood both look 15 years old, we imagine they’ll play brother and sister, or maybe cousins. (Anything but lovers, please.) Ferreira recently wrapped production on Elvis & Nixon, which stars Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey, and can be seen in Eli Roth’s upcoming Green Inferno, presumably covered in blood.


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