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Skrillex and Kanye West apparently made a song together

Skrillex is one sought-after dude. Just months after Kermit The Frog said he’d love to work with the him, word has come out that second-most-famous Muppet Kanye West has collaborated with the EDM darling. Skrillex (né Sonny Moore) recently told The Daily Beast that he’s recorded a track with Yeezy, and that as far as he knows, “It’s actually going to be the first song on his new album.” Given the duo's respective musical histories, the track will no doubt be very understated.

Skrillex also elaborated on the previously reported work he’s been doing on the soundtrack for Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers: “Most of the music is a bit more atmospheric, like a movie score, but still my sound. I’ve tweaked original songs for the movie and the last piece is an orchestral version of ‘Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites’ that plays during this massacre scene at the very end of the film.” He also talked about his upcoming schedule, which he says includes taking a few months off from touring to work on an actual full album—something he's still hasn't released—though he says it might just be released as “three or four EPs.”


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