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Skinny Pete still skinny in the first teaser for the Breaking Bad movie

By all accounts, Netflix had no intention of fresh details about its plans to release a Breaking Bad sequel movie—focused on the further life and times of Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman—to ooze out into the wider world until this Monday. That changed earlier this afternoon, though, when details about the previously-announced project began to leak online, and the service dutifully sent Paul out to confirm some stuff for The New York Times, rather than to do a whole “What? Breaking Bad movie? Us?” song and dance. (And while it’s possible that this was all orchestrated in order to steal a little thunder from this weekend’s deluge of Disney+ news, the haphazard way it’s gone down suggests otherwise.)

Anyway, in for a penny of that good blue stuff, in for a pound: Netflix has now released the first teaser trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, featuring Skinny Pete (still Charles Baker) telling the cops to go fuck themselves on the topic of Jesse Pinkman’s post-captivity whereabouts. As the name implies, it’s just a tease; and yet, the thought of dipping back into this side of the Albuquerque underworld already has us giddy for October 11 to roll around.

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