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Skepta wins the Mercury Prize, but Michael C. Hall steals the show

(Image: BBC)

Last night saw the U.K. hand out one of its highest awards in music, with rapper Skepta winning the 2016 Mercury Prize. Skepta—whose most recent grime album, Konnichiwa, received widespread acclaim—beat out some stiff competition for the honor, including Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool and Blackstar by the late David Bowie. Skepta acknowledged The Thin White Duke’s lasting musical influence while accepting his award, taking a moment out of his speech to give Bowie a “rest in peace.”

That wasn’t the only moment when Bowie and his music stole the show last night, either. Michael C. Hall—who starred in the New York production of the Bowie-penned Lazarus—gave what’s being hailed as the standout performance of the night with his take on the musical’s title track. Hall’s vocal performance occasionally skirts the line of being an outright Bowie impression instead of a simple homage, but it’s also remarkably self-assured and powerful, even as scenes from the artist’s emotional music video for “Lazarus” play in the background.


The Mercury Prize honors the top album of the year from a group primarily composed of British artists. Past winners include P.J. Harvey, James Blake, and Benjamin Clementine.

[via Pitchfork]

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