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Skai Jackson really can't escape Lil Nas X in the futuristic "Panini" music video

The year is 2079 A.O.T.R. (After “Old Town Road.”) Our neon-piped cyberpunk existence comes equipped with dancing robots, extremely responsive Ubers, and a whole lot of Lil Nas X endorsements. Oh, and there’s also cutting edge jet pack technology to aid in escaping street harassment, because those are the lengths some of us have to resort to now.


It may be hard to top the record-setting feats that his previous single accomplished, but Lil Nas X is giving his best effort in his impressively futuristic video for “Panini,” a follow-up that he dropped back in June just ahead of his genre-bending EP 7. Actress Skai Jackson stars as Panini, the girl who really just wants a little damn distance from the guy with too much access. At least he technically didn’t ask her to “smile more,” we guess?

The young rapper recently performed on the MTV Video Music Awards, where he (heavily) hinted at the vibe for the song’s then-forthcoming visuals. He also snagged two major wins for Best Direction and Best Song. You can check out the energetic, strobe-lit performance below.