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Six seasons and a promo: Community announces return date

As was prophesied by The Cape Joke Heard ’Round The World, Community has reached the sixth-season mark, thanks to Yahoo. And now, thanks to the Television Critics Association winter press tour, we know when that sixth season will premiere: March 17, on the world’s few remaining screens that aren’t exclusively devoted to MeowMeowBeenz. Two episodes of the show will debut on Yahoo Screen that day, with one new episode per week rolling out on the Tuesdays that follow. “Maybe old-school is the best school,” showrunner Dan Harmon told the TV press, in reference to the season’s traditional scheduling. “It is for rap!”

Considering what little was known about the show’s sixth season heading into the TCAs, the panel provided a wealth of information in addition to the premiere date and Harmon’s hip-hop preferences: Further details emerged about characters played by Paget Brewster and Keith David, who are, respectively, a “problem solver” and a “computer programmer who wasted a lot of time on on VR technology in the ’90s.” The departure of Yvette Nicole Brown’s Shirley, meanwhile, will be explained in the season premiere—hopefully without the use of holograms—and Brown is still “absolutely” welcome to drop by Greendale Community College, which is now located on the floor below where Parks And Recreation used to shoot at CBS Studio Center. “After years of it being figuratively the case, we are now literally underneath Parks And Rec,” Harmon said.


Overall, it’s more information than you’ll get from Yahoo’s season-six promo video, which cheekily presumes Community viewers already know all they need to know about Community—with the exception of how to watch it and when to watch it. Which, given the way the show has been advertised on NBC and in syndication, isn’t too different from the days when Community was a show set in a community college that you could watch on your TV. Old school is the best school, indeed.

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