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The internet does not lack—to put it mildly—for opinions on the Star Wars universe. They’re like tauntauns on Hoth: Everybody’s got one, and they all smell even worse on the inside than you imagined from initial blush.

Which is why we’re indebted to actor Freddie Prinze Jr.—a veteran of that galaxy so long and far away, having starred in four seasons of Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD—for cutting through all the bullshit, and giving a concise, clear, lyrical breakdown of all the most salient things that people get wrong about Star Wars. (It also contains a lot more “Go fuck yourselfs” that we were expecting from Fred from the Scooby-Doo movies, which is an added plus.)


As Prinze Jr. himself notes, he was, after all, taught this stuff by animated Star Wars guru Dave Filoni, who got it from George Lucas himself. So when he tells you—voice dropping to a slightly more sensual tone—about “the seduction of Anakin Skywalker,” or describes the plight of Darth Maul in literally Sisyphean terms, you know he’s giving it to you straight. (“Learn your Greek mythology like, I don’t know, George Fucking Lucas did,” he enthusiastically notes.)

This testament—we refuse to relegate it to the world of mere “rants”—was actually recorded about five months back, when Prinze Jr. recorded an episode of Jeff Dye’s Friendship Podcast. (He also talks quite a bit about wrestling, in case you needed even more “not what I would expect from Freddie Prinze Jr.” in your life tonight.) The video was uploaded just yesterday, though, allowing us all to see the true passion that comes forth when he starts talking about his feelings on the bullshit nature of “Grey Jedi”—regardless of what Timothy Zahn might think.

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