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Sit back and enjoy Adam Savage building Chewbacca’s ammo belt

Photo: One Day Builds (Tested)

Former MythBuster Adam Savage is both a noted Star Wars fan and Chewbacca cosplayer. So for the latest video in his One Day Builds series on the Tested YouTube channel, he decided to offer instructions on how to make a pitch-perfect replica of Chewbacca’s bandolier and purse. Savage previously made his own bandolier years before, but after deciding he wasn’t fully satisfied with it, he set about remaking an even better version. Over the course of the 35-minute video, he uses wood, aluminum, and leather to recreate Chewie’s iconic accessory with astonishing detail.

Like all of Savage’s One Day Builds videos, this one is a relaxing thing to have on in the background while you’re folding laundry or doing your own build. Savage talks through each step in detail, offering specific measurements as well as tips and tricks for things like bending aluminum and using a sewing machine on leather. He also hides an Easter egg in his cosplay: He places an unseen “Wookiee treats” label on the back of each bandolier box, because he figures Chewie is as likely to carry around snacks as anything else. And Savage proves to be a nerd in not only his love of Star Wars but also craftsmanship. At one point he exclaims, “I love doing measurements carefully beforehand!”


For those who stick around to the end of the video, there’s a very relatable moment when Savage realizes he’s mismeasured something and has to start all over again. He also reveals that he’ll be wearing his Wookiee costume to another Comic-Con “soon.” So those planning to cosplay as Chewbacca at an upcoming Con should be prepared to get some inquisitive looks from Savage superfans.

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