As reported by Deadline, Pitch Perfect director Jason Moore has lined up what will probably be his next project. His pitch was picked up by Fox 2000, and the film will reportedly be about “an ordinary woman” who accomplishes some kind of heroic act and becomes famous. Then, a movie studio buys the rights to her story, and “the world’s biggest movie star” gets cast as the woman and begins shadowing her so she can prepare for the role. It goes even further than that, with Moore explaining that the younger actress (“who had been trapped in a YA franchise and wants a real part”) eventually “becomes obsessed” with the woman, and the heroic woman “has to reconcile the flaws in her own life” while struggling with the realization that the actress is “the more interesting person this other woman wishes she was.” Basically, it sounds weirdly complicated and would make more sense with character names instead of “woman” and “actress.”

Moore is also the director behind Sisters, the upcoming Amy Poehler/Tina Fey comedy that all of the hipster contrarians will be waiting in line for on December 18. Hopefully, Moore will make this into a thing and Untitled Movie About A Woman Who Makes A Movie About Another Woman will premiere on the same day as Star Wars: Episode VIII.