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“Friendship may fade but pants are forever” is presumably how producers pitched a third Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants film, almost a decade after the first premiered. According to Variety, Alloy Entertainment is set to revisit the story of four childhood friends and the pair of blue jeans that inexplicably fit their diverse body types. Given that the 2008 sequel largely condensed events from the second, third, and fourth books from the series it was based on, the third film will draw from the fifth and final Ann Brashares novel, Sisterhood Everlasting.

That book checks in on the four titular friends as they are approaching 30. With their friendship largely falling apart, the book relies on YA staples—terminal diseases, high school lovers, pregnancies—to bring them all back together and jerk more tears from its readers.


Ken Kwapis—who directed the first film but not the second—will return for the third installment, and Dawson’s Creek’s Liz Garcia will draft the screenplay. Given that the project is still in the early days of development, there’s no indication yet as to whether Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera, or Amber Tamblyn will reprise their roles, although it would be hard to imagine the film going forward without them. But if it does, it’s nice to know that the pants a new cast would have to fill are magically adaptive.

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