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Sisqó explains what “dumps like a truck” means, solving music’s greatest mystery

(Photo: Getty Images, Rick Kern)

The overall meaning behind Sisqó’s 1999 classic “The Thong Song” is pretty straightforward. He’s a guy who likes thongs, he’s singing a song, and the song is about thongs (thongs, th-thong, thong, thongs). There isn’t much more to it than that, but one line in the song—”she had dumps like a truck (truck, truck)“—has confounded listeners for years. What does it mean to have dumps like a truck (truck, truck)? Is it, as some have feared, about poop? Well, The Huffington Post finally got around to asking Sisqó about it, and the answer is…a little disappointing, honestly.

Sisqó says it’s not a reference to poop, thankfully, but it is sort of a literal reference to dump trucks:

What I was really referring to was a dump truck when it backs up, it’s like, ‘beep, beep beep.’ So, ‘she had dumps like a dump truck’ is, like, when girls do a booty dance move and they look back at their butt. She’s like a dump truck back-back-backing it up.


It doesn’t really clarify the line at all, but that quote establishes that Sisqó knows what “dumps like a truck (truck, truck)” means, at least. Besides, it’s not like that weird line held “The Thong Song” back from becoming a big hit in any way. Maybe we should all just be thankful that “dumps like a truck (truck, truck)” never became a popular expression.

The Huffington Post story goes into Sisqó’s life a little bit more, including the writing process that lead to “Thong Song” and what article of clothing he’d make a song about now if he had the chance (yoga pants), so check out the whole thing if you’re curious about what Sisqó has been up to.

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