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Social media is, traditionally, best used by ordinary young people. When the elderly get involved, it’s almost always embarrassing. When celebrities do it, the stink of calculated PR wafts off of nearly everything they post. One of the only exceptions to this rule is Anthony Hopkins, a man both old and famous, who defies both demographic expectations by consistently sharing only the finest tweets and videos.


Consider, for example, the way Hopkins has just broken the seal on his fresh new TikTok account by taking a look at the clip below. (Volume on and volume high, please.)


Hopkins, 82, shows the kids how it’s done by filming himself taking part in Drake’s “Toosie Slide” challenge. Music blaring, he busts a few moves in front of one of his paintings, establishing himself as both an accomplished viral dance participant and a distinguished visual artist through some clever framing. The gauntlet laid down implicitly, Hopkins then makes a direct challenge to both Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Hey, Mr. Stallone, keep writing,” Hopkins says in a half-impersonation. “Got a part for me in it?”

He then addresses Schwarzenegger, telling him to give his regards to Lulu The Donkey and then tossing out an “I’ll be back” and hopping around on the spot like a lunatic shadow boxer. “Hey, c’mon fight! Rocky! I’ve got muscles, too!” he says, flexing, before signing off.

Schwarzenegger, as we’ve documented here before, is already well established as another of the few elderly celebrities who’s good at social media. We expect it won’t be long until he responds with something equally mesmerizing. As for Stallone, we imagine Hopkins’ video will come up at their next hangout. Maybe, if the universe is kind, both Arnold and Sly will dance around together while turning their entries to the TikTok dance challenge into a new opportunity to compare dick sizes with other ‘80s action heroes.


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