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Sir Anthony Hopkins, actor and Commander Of The Order Of The British Empire, just wants to play piano, pet cats

Photo: Timothy Hiatt (Getty Images)

Wealth and power make people do wild stuff. From Bono, that true man of the people, reportedly spending $1,500 on an airplane ticket for his hat to Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio enjoying private, drunken dinosaur skull auctions, there’s no shortage of ridiculous stories of what celebrities with deep pocket books get up to.

Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins CBE, however, has a different approach to fame. For him, apparently, the greatest joys that result from a long, successful career in show business are playing piano with a cat on his lap, reading a book, and drinking tea.


Hopkins, who is no stranger to using social media to show off his acting chops or ability to be absolutely fucking terrifying on command, is decidedly relaxed in a clip tweeted out over the weekend. In it, a camera films him practicing piano and smiling down from time to time at his grey and black tabby, which is lying on his lap, soaking in the tunes. He is also, it’s important to note, wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

“The pleasures of my life: a cat, a piano, a book, and a cup of tea,” the tweet reads. Because a video showing Hopkins drinking tea and silently reading a book would be less exciting, we bear witness to the actor enjoying the first two of these items instead.

It’s aspirational stuff, showing what should be the real benchmark for success going forward. Gold toilets and diamond-encrusted phones are boring, obscene displays of wealth. Getting to spend a weekend hanging out with your pet, reading and playing music? Now, that’s living the good life.


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