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Sinister 2’s Ciarán Foy is making a movie about a spooky Irish island

With his Sinister 2 hitting theaters on Friday, director Ciarán Foy has already lined up his next project. According to Deadline, Foy will be heading back to his native Ireland for The Shee, a horror movie set in the ‘60s. The movie will be about a woman who “must confront her violent and tragic past” while on a trip to “a remote island.” That’s about all we know for now, but our exhaustive knowledge of Irish mythology—and access to Wikipedia—suggest that the film’s title could be a reference to “the aos sí,” a race of elf or fairy-like supernatural creatures that live underground in little mounds. We’re not sure what connection there is between these little mound fairies and a spooky island, but we imagine the movie will cover that. Or, on the other hand, maybe The Shee has nothing to do with the aos sí, and our exhaustive knowledge of Irish mythology has gone to waste once again.


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