The staff members at The A.V. Club with children have, once in a while, repurposed a favorite song or two as non-traditional lullabies. For example, our own Kyle Ryan has been known to serenade his daughter with a lovely rendition of Japandroids’ thunderous “The House That Heaven Built.” A three-song Sparrow Sleeps EP on Bandcamp takes this idea and takes it to a fully formed conclusion, creating instrumental covers of songs by emo staples Saves The Day. There are two songs from Stay What You Are—“At Your Funeral” is downright lovely as a song fit for a mobile spinning above a crib—and one from the band’s debut Can’t Slow Down. We humbly request that a full lullaby version of Stay What You Are finds its way onto the Internet sometime in the near future, if only to hear what "As Your Ghost Takes Flight" would sound like rendered with only bells and chimes.