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Screenshot: The Hacksmith (YouTube)

There’s something heartening about the fact that even as the world seems to spiral into complete chaos, people are still out there finding new ways to accidentally cause each other unnecessary, serious injury. Case in point: The guys from YouTube channel The Hacksmith, who have used a moment in time when doctors have nothing else to worry about to create working lightsabers they can fight each other with.

In a video documenting the channel’s latest project, which seeks to settle the scientific community’s conflicting views on the practicality of creating working lightsabers, the Hacksmith team just goes ahead and makes their own version of the Star Wars weapon. A montage shows them forging their laser swords out of titanium, wire, and a big old battery worn in a hip bag. The end result is a deadly length of metal that heats up to the point that it gives off smoke and glows an angry bright orange color. This is good enough for test cases like warming up a cup of coffee, sawing through a piece of dry ice, and melting the sunglasses off of a mannequin’s head, but the channel’s James and Ian also decide that they can only truly evaluate the success of their work by fighting each other in their workshop while wearing shiny heat resistant suits.


Watch the entire video to see how the lightsabers were made, but, for god’s sake, don’t try this for yourself while going stir crazy in self-isolation. Unlike so many other months out of the year, this is not the right time to be accidentally cutting off your friend’s arm with a piece of superhot metal.

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