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Sin City 2 now in the hands of The Departed writer

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Continuing today’s series of interlocking news stories, The Departed screenwriter William Monahan—who recently signed on to do a remake of The Gambler with Leonardo DiCaprio, who turned down the A Star Is Born remake, which was delayed by Beyoncé’s pregnancy, which may have caused the hurricane that destroyed the weekend box office—has also been confirmed as the guy who will tackle revising Frank Miller’s script for Sin City 2. As mentioned by Robert Rodriguez in his annual Comic-Con cacophony of cautious optimism, the sequel could film as early as this year, provided the script and sandblasting of Mickey Rourke are finished by then. With Monahan on board to add his knack for symbolism to Miller’s equally blunt characterizations, that now seems much more likely. Anyway, apparently the news really wants you to go back and watch The Departed again.


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