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Sin City 2 has a release date and poster and everything

Robert Rodriguez officially has one less sequel and adaptation of a familiar property that he can talk excitedly about into microphones to beat back the ominous silence: Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For now has the official release date of October 4, 2013 and the below teaser poster, bringing to an end nearly seven years of discussion about when Rodriguez and Frank Miller might deliver it, and hopefully before Frank Miller choked on his own rage. Right now only Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba are confirmed to reprise their roles, though Rodriguez has said that Rosario Dawson is also informally on board, and it's expected that many more from the first film will return, perhaps sans some of the people who died. Plot details are currently being kept "under wraps," except for the fact that, like last time, there are books you can read.


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