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Simpsons World to replace real world tomorrow

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After a good run lasting somewhere between 6,000 to 4.5 billion years, depending on your religious beliefs, the real world will finally yield to Simpsons World starting tomorrow, October 21. The long-promised/threatened portal will provide access to every Simpsons ever through the SimpsonsWorld.com website, the FXNOW app for iPhone, iPad, and Android, plus Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, and Samsung Smart TVs, offering instant, on-demand access to all 552 episodes that have been broadcast and new ones the day after they air. This is a distinct advantage over the real world, which often requires communication with other human beings, making effort to secure financial resources for your survival, and the wearing of clothes, and provides instant, on-demand access only to disappointment and diseases.


Other things Simpsons World has that the stupid “normal” world does not, according to the press release:

· “Everything Simpsons,” a dynamic newsfeed showcasing the latest Simpsons news, social media updates, “Did You Know” fun facts, featured episode playlists and clips

· “The Simpsons Heartbeat” which organizes the complete catalogue of episodes by popularity

· A premium video player that will provide recommendations to other clips and episodes users would enjoy as well as the ability for users to share content on their social networks

· A simple, intuitive way to browse through the catalogue by season, playlist, most popular episodes and exclusive video content

· A responsive search function allowing users to find video of their favorite characters and guest stars in the entire catalogue or any of the nearly 3,000 clips


As Simpsons World continues to evolve, next year will introduce the ability to browse by individual characters; an interactive episode guide that features pop-up facts and a time-synced script view; and a function that will allow you to search every word of every line of dialogue, thus making it even easier to replace your soon-to-be-outmoded language entirely with Simpsons quotes. It’s hoped that future updates to Simpsons World will include some sort of terraforming, so it can begin growing food for you to eat while you watch The Simpsons.

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