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Simpsons fans are sharing their favorite one-off characters

Screenshot: The Simpsons (Twitter)

If you’ve spent any time in a dorm over the past couple decades, you’ve probably encountered that poster of every character from The Simpsons. The show’s accumulated a massive collection of characters in the course of its 30 seasons and that number is still growing to the point that that poster has had to be updated throughout the years. Honestly, it’s probably due for another one.

But what about all those other characters? The ones that might not even make the cut for the “all-cast poster,” those one-off, one-joke, one-scene Simpsons characters that have still stayed etched into your memory for years? That’s the question Carlo Magliocco posed to Twitter earlier this week, and the many perfectly cromulent responses will inspire a trip into the Simpsons codex most readers of this site have stored in their brains.


There’s the Yakuza member battling it out with Fat Tony’s gang who is surely about to do something.

There are the various Borts perusing the Itchy and Scratchy Land gift shop, and the man driving the largest auto he could afford.


There’s Knifey-Spooney Guy (and probably just about every Australian character from that episode.)


There’s Springfield retiree Chief Break Everything.


There’s this guy, who shouldn’t have said Krusty was a customer, shouldn’t have said it was a secret, and certainly shouldn’t have said it was illegal.


So who is your favorite? Joey Jo-Jo Jr Shabadoo? Mr. McGreg, with a leg for an arm and and arm for a leg? The yelling Russian guy who would be happy to give Lisa directions to the museum?

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