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The universe recently gave us an incredibly cruel reminder that bad things happen to good people, when Sam Simon, during a recent discussion on Marc Maron's WTF, revealed that his terminal cancer diagnosis means he likely only has months to live. Simon has had a remarkable career in television, starting off as a writer for Barney Miller, Taxi, and Cheers, and becoming one of the youngest showrunners in television history when he took over Taxi in its final season. He then co-created what some consider to be the best show in the history of the medium, The Simpsons, before quitting the show at its peak in 1993.

However, making millions of people happy wasn't enough for Simon, who turned his efforts to philanthropy. Over the years, he directed an endless stream of Simpsons royalties to the Sam Simon Foundation, which rescues stray dogs and trains them to be rescue dogs, service dogs, and companions for soldiers returning from combat. Simon also founded a vegan food bank, and a free mobile veterinary clinic.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Simon talks about his desire to spend whatever time remains to him giving away the millions he's earned. Far from being despondent about his illness and impending death, the interview presents Simon as upbeat, self-effacing, and passionate about helping people and animals alike, and just underscores the tremendous loss Simon's passing will be.


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