There was a character on How I Met Your Mother who was cursed to constantly miss out on every cool thing that would happen. They called him “The Blitz,” and after finding out whatever awesome thing he missed out on, he’d dejectedly moan “aw, maaan.”

Now Simon Pegg is trying to make all of us The Blitz by telling everyone how great Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man would’ve been. Either that, or he’s like one of those friends everyone had in school who lied about how great their summer was to make up for spending a few months at their grandmother’s house in Kansas. “It was the best, guys. I totally kissed a girl.”


Whatever his intention, Pegg recently tweeted his thoughts on Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man, and he wants to assure all of us that we really missed out:

Aw, maaan. It bears pointing out, however, that Pegg and Wright are famously good friends, with Pegg starring in almost all of his movies and his beloved cult-classic TV show, Spaced. If anyone is going to say that Wright’s version of the movie was great, it’s Simon Pegg. That being said, it really could have been great, but we’ll never know because Wright has been replaced by the guy who made Bring It On.


Now we can all stop talking about Ant-Man until the movie actually comes out. Or not. We’ll see.

(via MTV)