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Simon Pegg says he and Edgar Wright are working on a new movie together

Edgar Wright may be busy chauffeuring babies around and taking the YA craze to its logical, giant insect-based end, but he’s still got time for his old pal Simon Pegg. Pegg has officially finished gloating over how he’s read Wright’s Ant-Man script and you haven’t and moved on to other projects—namely a new, untitled-to-you movie he says he’s working on with Wright. In an interview with BBC 6 Music, Pegg claimed that the project “has a title and everything,” but refused to elaborate beyond the fact that it won’t be a part of the Cornetto Trilogy (which makes sense, because there are already three of those). With no other information available, in the meantime we’ll settle for pouring a giant bowl of sugary cereal and watching Pegg and mutual friend Nick Frost making references that’ll go way over kids’ heads on Phineas And Ferb.


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