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Simon Pegg is co-writing Star Trek 3

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After series director J.J. Abrams left the Star Trek movies for the vastly superior/inferior (have that fight yourselves in the comments) Star Wars series, Star Trek 3 found itself in a tough spot. How does it replace the guy who rebooted the series but left before the third movie? It was simple, really: get Roberto Orci, the guy who wrote the movies. If anybody can direct them, it’s him! Unfortunately, Orci had never directed a movie before, and he still hasn’t, because he dropped out of Trek 3. Then, Paramount got everything back on track and replaced him with Justin Lin, hoping to make the movie that much more fast and furious.


Now, things still seem to be back on track, because Paramount has hired somebody to write Trek 3. Luckily, it’s a guy who’s actually in the movies, so that’ll make it much harder for him to quit. Anyway, that someone is Simon Pegg, and he’ll be co-writing the movie with Dark Blue creator Doug Jung. Like Abrams, Pegg is a noted Star Wars fan, so at least we can probably count on him to maintain the series’ trend of Wars-ifying the Trek universe. That’s certainly a good/bad thing (again, have that fight yourselves). Pegg and Jung are apparently just getting started on the script, so Star Trek 3: This One’s All About Scotty is still pretty far off.

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