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Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to appear on Phineas And Ferb as their Shaun Of The Dead characters

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People with children love to talk about shows for kids that are also secretly aimed at adults, as if they’re constantly blaring the opposite of those high-pitched noises that scare away teenagers and they have jokes that only adults can hear. “I know Yo Gabba Gabba is about dancing and being a good friend,” they claim, “but the music is actually really good. Of Montreal was on it once!” Yep, uh huh. Sure. We’ll check it out someday.

One of the biggest names in the “My kid loves it, but I also love it” genre is Disney’s Phineas And Ferb, a show about two stepbrothers who go on wacky adventures in their backyard. For its upcoming Halloween special, though, Phineas And Ferb isn’t even going to pretend that it’s not secretly pandering to adults. According to IGN, the special will feature Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reprising their roles as Shaun and Ed from Edgar Wright’s Shaun Of The Dead.

Obviously this doesn’t make any sense, since Shaun Of The Dead is a pretty violent R-rated movie that the real target audience of Phineas And Ferb probably has no knowledge of, but at least a small demographic of adults who watch Phineas And Ferb and also like romantic comedies with zombies will think it’s funny. Also, this won’t be the first time Pegg has stopped by the show, since he recently appeared as C-3PO and an Imperial officer in its Star Wars special. We know that episode was specifically made for kids, but it was actually pretty good. You should check it out. Oh, no! They got to us!

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