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Illustration for article titled Simon Pegg and Nick Frost recreated a classic iShaun Of The Dead /iscene as a coronavirus PSA
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Just about anyone who’s ever spent much time with the vast and bloody world of zombie fiction has thought about their Plan: Where they’d go, how they’d arm themselves, which friends and family members are more expendable than others. (Sorry, Uncle Ron.) Now that we actually find ourselves in a global pandemic, though—complete with mindless monsters lurching all over the place, screaming about how they’ll “Get the coronavirus if I want, DAD!”—some of those plans may need a slight adjustment. Many thanks, then, to Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, who took some time out of their busy sheltering in place schedule to offer up a COVID-19 twist to one of the better zombie preparedness scenes in recent memory: The “Plan” sequence from Shaun Of The Dead.

Rather than racing all over town, murdering Bill Nighy, and holing up at a pub, modern Shaun and Ed are a lot more practical: Stay home, follow proper medical guidelines, and have a nice cup of tea. (That part’s still intact.) They even take a moment to address some of the use of language in the original film, before ending on a good old-fashioned “Nick Frost will now have to shit himself because his friend is hoarding toilet paper” gag. It’s a fun little walk down memory lane, a useful bit of public information, and a cruelty based poop joke, all in one. How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

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