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Simon Cowell will now identify and anoint the world's greatest DJs

Having chewed through the nation’s stores of original musicians, Simon Cowell is moving on to finding America’s next great person who takes other people’s original music and then repurposes it by launching a new, as-yet-untitled DJ competition series. According to Cowell, “DJs are the new rock stars,” because that sounds like a thing that one should say when promoting a show about DJs, even though the “new rock stars” comparison has lost all meaning after years of being applied to everyone from comedians to chefs to technology entrepreneurs to mixologists to hedge fund managers to whatever passes for actual rock stars these days. Anyway, to aid Cowell on his quest to “find the world’s greatest DJs,” Cowell has partnered with Overbrook Entertainment’s Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, suggesting the show will find various turntablists and MacBook-touting amateurs plying their trade while Jazzy Jeff watches resentfully from a special balcony box. Or to be clear, we are suggesting that.


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