Simon Cowell, America's favorite snotty British judge on a televised talent competition (sorry, Sharon Osbourne and whatever-your-name-is on So You Think You Can Dance) announced plans—possibly while massaging his pectoral muscles—to leave American Idol in 2010. [Ed. note: Wait, so that means this thing is going to drag on for at least another two years? Is there a number where we can vote on that?] Cowell graciously admits that by the time he turns 50 in 2010, "the public will be sick to death of me anyway and it will be time to go." After leaving the show, the über-rich producer, who makes your entire year's salary while taking a schvitz, will continue to work behind the scenes, running his record label, producing TV shows, and branching out into movies like the upcoming Star Struck. No word yet on how this will affect the comedy stylings of Paula Abdul.