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Silly-action-movie director Jon Turteltaub to direct silly Rush Hour TV pilot

Directors are not unlike actors in that they often like to take on new material and prove their abilities in a variety of genres. This, however, is not one of those times. In a near-perfect fusion of talent and project, Deadline reports that ridiculous action movie director Jon Turteltaub has been tapped to film the pilot for CBS’s adaptation of the ridiculous action comedy franchise Rush Hour.

Turteltaub is a studio veteran, having directed a dozen feature films as well as several TV episodes. But more importantly, he can check off almost every box in the “Do you have previous experience with these Rush Hour requirements?” list. Just look at his comedy resume: Three Ninjas (martial arts-based comedy!), Cool Runnings (culture clash comedy!), Phenomenon (unintentional comedy!). The man has covered the bases. But his “unrealistic action” bona fides are solid as well: Turteltaub directed both National Treasure films and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. And while writer Bill Lawrence (Cougar Town) has already said he’s going with the same basic story and characters from the films, only younger, perhaps Turteltaub can convince him to do the whole thing with much older actors, à la the director’s most recent tax write-off/film Last Vegas. Because if there’s one thing TV is suffering from, it’s a dearth of Viagra jokes.


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