Sunday night’s episode of Silicon Valley solidified Pied Piper as the official company name for the show’s programming crew, despite a plethora of alternative names. (Dwarf-it, SMLR, anything one can call out during sex, etc.) And in honor of that launch, HBO has created a real website for the fake company, “snack dick” logo and all. contains a homepage, a jargon-y explanation of what Pied Piper actually does, and a bio for each company employee. Each blurb reads like the character wrote it himself, revealing snippets of previously unknown backstories—some hilarious (“Gilfoyle has played drums in a series of Toronto-area first-wave-DC-influenced hardcore, thrashcore, hatecore, corecore, and corehard outfits under the name Strychnine McTwat”); some sad (“Jared’s early life is best passed over, but he managed to rise above it thanks to a series of largely well-meaning foster parents”). As a reminder, Pied Piper is not associated with Pied Piper Irrigation.