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Silicon Valley’s Jared is right behind you

Screenshot: HBO

One of Silicon Valley’s most consistently hilarious storylines is the gradual unwinding of buttoned-up Jared, Pied Piper’s head of business development. Early on, Zach Woods portrayed the character as a doggedly loyal, perpetually upbeat square, but with each passing season—pretty much ever since Chris Diamantopoulos’ Russ Hanneman surmised that “this guy fucks”—the writers and Woods have slowly revealed a darker side to the character, one that houses a perverse, gnashing depravity.

Now, Matus Labs has ushered us to an alternate reality where Jared succumbs to whatever demons are lurking inside. It comes via this mock horror trailer, which recasts Jared as that all-too-familiar archetype of the too-eager-to-please maniac.

What’s especially hilarious is that the editors didn’t even need to manipulate that much footage. Yes, Jared does sound as if he were reciting satanic verse in his sleep. And, yes, he is moved by footage of lions laying waste to a herd of bison. And, yes, he most certainly fucks. All it took was an ominous drone and a few spastic glitches to slide from one genre to the next.


Seriously, though, Jared will kill someone before this show is through.

[via Laughing Squid]

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