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Silicon Valley’s Dinesh and Gilfoyle talk Google products and virginity

Screenshot: Silicon Valley Intro

Yesterday, Google made a big deal out of its announcement that the company had a bunch of new phones and AI-aided products definitely designed for human people who are composed of nitrogen and oxygen, just like how we normally think of ourselves. But amid all the exciting news of being able to tell your phone to show you photos using yet more verbs and nouns, there were two minutes of the presentation in which people actually spoke somewhat akin to actual sentient beings—it just didn’t happen on stage. An introductory video shot for the event, featuring Martin Starr and Kumail Nanjiani on set and in character as their Silicon Valley alter egos Gilfoyle and Dinesh, respectively, preceded the presentation. And it’s a good thing they went first, because otherwise Google’s commitment to the “intelligence” half of the AI equation would be highly suspect, as the clip is definitely the best part of the whole thing.

Sure, it’s essentially just a goofy ad for a Google keynote presentation, but these characters are so entertaining, they can even make an effort to hawk new products you’ll see heavily discounted in six months worth a look. Well, maybe not the event itself, which took miscalculations of how to appeal to earthlings who communicate verbally to new levels; but at the very least, it provides an amuse-bouche in between seasons of HBO’s excellent comedy.


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