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Silent film The Artist might become a loud concert tour

Illustration for article titled Silent filmem The Artist/em might become a loud concert tour

As of now, the only sound accompaniment you’re likely to find at a screening of The Artist is a burbling brook of critical gushing, or the audible, rubbery squeak as your heart expands from ALL THE DOG. But the Weinstein Company is looking to change that, Billboard announces, with what's being pitched as a concert tour of screenings accompanied by a live orchestra. The film’s composer, Ludovic Bource, has reportedly already passed on three other proposed projects in anticipation, so you know it’s legit. Because everyone is well aware that Ludovic Bource doesn’t turn down anything; he’s a hustler, baby. Anyway, he’s likely to head up performances in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Brussels, London, and Geneva, according to the preliminary short list, where the orchestra will round out audiences’ Artist experience with live renditions of Bource’s original (though heavily influenced by Brahms and stolen bits from Bernard Herrmann’s Vertigo) score. If you don’t live in any of these cities, check your briar patch for donkeys you can always recreate the score for your fellow moviegoers using only your mouth and/or ass-mouth.


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