In the era of big, splashy announcements, it's nice to know that bands are still capable of dropping hints about upcoming projects that confuse the ever-loving shit out of their fanbases. Not that ambiguity should really be a surprise coming from a band who sometimes sings in Icelandic, sometimes in English, and sometimes in neither. Earlier today, Sigur Ros put up a teaser trailer for a new project called INNI though it gives no indication as to what INNI is. General consensus around the Internet points toward a new live DVD (the trailer features snippets of the band playing live so that line of thinking makes sense) though others still hold out hope for a new album. The band hasn't released an official album since 2008's með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust though lead singer Jonsí Birgisson has since released his first solo album, Go, and followed up with a lengthy tour and live DVD/CD of his own. The band was supposedly working on a new album back in 2009 but scrapped it soon after. The band also has one other live DVD, 2007's Heima, under its belt already. Judge for yourself and enjoy the trailer, posted below, which was made using the harvested tears of Icelandic ice pixies.