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Sigur Rós tease a typically unpronounceable new offering

(Photo: David Wolff-Patrick/Getty Images)

Sigur Rós is currently in the middle of its latest North American tour, treating audiences to dreamy, discordant songs with names that force you to look up a keyboard Alt-code if you want to type them out. Fans have noticed one or two new tracks cropping up on the Icelandic band’s playlists in the last few weeks, and now it looks like Sigur Rós might have a new album in the works. (UPDATE: Nope.)

The band released a short teaser video, titled “#norðurogniður,” on YouTube today. (The title apparently translates to either “north and down” or “go to hell.”) The silent video shows the words bursting into flames and then decaying into ash, and links to a newsletter sign-up page and the word “Soon.” (Signing up for the list gets you a picture of the band’s faces boiling into smoke.) Of course, this might all be part of an elaborate marketing stunt for the band’s recently announced weed candy, but given that one of its new touring songs is titled “Niður,” it seems likely that there’s some more new Sigur Rós music on the way.

UPDATE: Pitchfork reached out to the band’s publicist, who didn’t offer up any details about what Norður Og Niður might be, but did confirm one thing it’s not: a new album. Beyond that, your guess is as good as ours.


[via Consequence Of Sound]

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