Much as Neill Blomkamp called upon Hugh Jackman, whose Real Steel experience with robot punching could prove an asset to Blomkamp’s upcoming robot cop movie Chappie, the director has hired another actor with robot familiarity. Variety reports that Sigourney Weaver has joined the film that was originally touted as the District 9 director’s return to his indie, non-movie-star ensemble roots until it started adding Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver, concerning a robot cop (voiced by Sharlto Copley) who’s abducted by two criminals (the members of Die Antwoord), then becomes part of a very strange foster family—and also Dev Patel and Hugh Jackman factor in there somewhere. Those are still all the details at present, and it’s unknown as yet what Weaver will be doing. Though, based on her own experience with androids in the Alien movies, Chappie might have some extra cause to worry now.