Political Animals / Furious 7

In an admittedly inspired attempt to make an action movie that can’t be described as “a grim-faced guy kills some European dudes,” Coming Soon is reporting that Sigourney Weaver has signed on to star in a movie where she’ll transform Michelle Rodriguez into a woman with murder in her heart. Specifically, Weaver’s character—at this point only known as “The Doctor,” but probably not that one—will work on the “woman” part of the metamorphosis, since Rodriguez’s initially male hitman will presumably start the movie already possessing the killer instinct (and probably some other stuff as well.)

Titled Tomboy, A Revenger’s Tale, the film is the latest project from The Warriors and Bullet To The Head director Walter Hill, nearing the apex of the high-concept mountain he’s spent his entire career ascending. Rodriguez will play the revenger in question, a double-crossed assassin whose gender is swapped by Weaver’s “rogue surgeon,” so as to better force feed her enemies a sample of the dish that’s best served cold.


Hill will be directing from a script by author and occasional screenwriter Denis Hamill. Rodriguez and Weaver, meanwhile, previously worked together on James Cameron’s Avatar, a movie about disabled Marines body-hopping into alien clones who use their hair to talk to trees, which somehow still doesn’t sound as aggressively insane as the premise of the pair’s new film.