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Photo: Sunset Boulevard (Getty Images)

And now, for what might be the only truly heartwarming thing ever to crawl out of the fevered, tubule-filled dreams of Ridley Scott, Dan O’Bannon, or Hey, Really Giger: Footage of actress Sigourney Weaver hanging out backstage with the North Bergen High School Drama Club, a.k.a. those teenagers who put together a truly impressive stage version of Alien to viral acclaim last month. Weaver had already given the production—including its faculty directors, teachers Perfecto Cuervo and Steven Defendini—a shout-out for its dedication to space-based verisimilitude on the cheap. But tonight, she actually made the trek out to New Jersey, introducing a new showing of the play to an eager crowd.


Said encore presentation of Alien: The Play was scheduled for today, of course, because it’s Alien Day, April 26. (Get it? Because the planet from Alien and Aliens is designated LV-426. Not quite as catchy as “May the fourth,” but hey, in space, you take what you can get.) Anyway, the young cast seems incredibly thrilled to play host to the original Ripley, even as they geared up to give the poor, doomed crew of the Nostromo one more day in the sun/lack thereof. Meanwhile, if you want to get some more looks, close-up, at the production design and costuming that went into this thing, definitely check out this NJ.com piece on the production, which is full of amazing shots of the cast, crew, and their creations.

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