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Sigh along with this list of 10 more movie remakes in the works

Photo: AVCO Embassy Pictures

We can complain about remakes until the hills have eyes but that’s not going to stop them from happening. Just in the last week, we’ve written about Hollywood remakes of Charlie’s Angels, Pinocchio, Resident Evil, Scarface, and The Mummy (and that’s not to mention to endless deluge of sequels and spin-offs). But hey, they don’t have to be bad. And this WhatCulture video outlining 10 in-development remakes even features a few that have potential of surpassing their source material. And even more that, well, don’t.

Who needs an Escape From New York remake? Why remake a movie that’s persevered not due to its core concept or message but because of the charisma and inimitable quality of its cast and crew? That’s a fool’s errand. There are also remakes in development of Little Shop Of Horrors and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, two movies that themselves were remakes that improved upon their source material. Could lightning really strike twice? Especially with Rick Moranis singing country songs instead of acting?


A Warriors remake, however, could take on new resonance in this American cultural climate. And a remake of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen is everything a remake should be: A chance to right a wrong, to make something great from source material that failed to flourish upon its first adaptation.

The remake train rolls on. We are but merely passengers.

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