Two bands gamely making a go at recapturing some of their former glory—lack of original members be damned—have been met with Jimmy-related setbacks this week: First, The Smashing Pumpkins were forced to pull out of both of their sold-out Atlanta shows when Jimmy Chamberlin was admitted to the hospital. (No, not for that, Negative Nancy. It was just for regular old chest pains.) Unfortunately, Chamberlin's recovery is expected to take up to a week, meaning that many shows—including tomorrow's stand in Austin, where this humble reporter was going to suck it up and try reliving a little bit of his youth—have been postponed. Unfortunately, no one in the Pumpkins camp has been forthcoming with the details about what's been cancelled, prompting many fans to leave angry messages like this one from "PumpkinBasher" on the band's website:

"The life of a Pumpkins PR rep must be sweet, website editor on vacation, or Billy is just torn up inside and can't face the shocking reality that people just don't like buying the same album SEVEN times…so he's in therapy to recover from Jimmy's recovery."

Ouch! In other delayed reunion show news, Led Zeppelin's upcoming concert at London's O2 arena has been postponed from Nov. 26 to Dec. 10 because Jimmy Page fractured his finger. Hope you didn't buy non-refundable plane tickets!